Our Vineyard

“The best fertilizers for a vineyard are its owners’ footsteps.”

KRSMA Estates is located primarily on the hills near Tavaregere, on the road to Hampi. An hour’s drive from Hampi; a 350 km drive from Bangalore and a 375 km drive from Hyderabad will lead you to our picturesque vineyards. Located near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi and with a backdrop of the Vijaynagar Empire makes the land an epitome of luxurious history.

Throughout its inception, KRSMA has owned the vineyards and grown its grapes independently on it, which allows for consistency of style and quality across all its vintages, of which we are known for.


The legacy which started over a decade ago by our pioneering founders, today is a name in the wine world adorning many awards and recognitions. The ‘KRSMA Story’ is incomplete without the story of how our estates were built, one stone and one step at a time.


The Chigurupatis’ Magic Touch

The terroir contributes to only half the magic. The Chigurupatis believe, for the wine to be truly unique, every step of the process needs their personal touch. They use expertise from across the world, but the final decision on all things wine is always theirs. They decide on the exact time of harvest themselves, with Uma tasting the fruit from every plot every day, during the ripening period. The yeast, too, is personally selected after trials on test ferments.

These exacting standards don’t stop with just the process of wine making, but flows down to every last detail. Our wine is aged in fine grain French oak barrels, the bottles are imported from France, labels from Australia, capsules from Spain and natural cork from USA. Our logo and label have been specially designed to capture the rich heritage of the Vijaynagar Empire.


The Grapes Narrate Their Story

All our wines are single varietals, made from only the best grapes from each harvest. As a result, only a limited number of bottles are produced, ensuring what comes out of the winery is always the best. Every vintage at KRSMA Estates is different because there are no recipes. The Chigurupatis believe in letting the grapes narrate their tale through the wine. Our wines are a fine expression of the Indian terroir and every bottle speaks volumes of the craft that brought it to life.